One-to-one sessions are a perfect way to hone your makeup skills, try out a new look or simply find out what suits you best.

These sessions include a consultation with Victoria so you can establish your personal makeup preferences, your normal makeup routine, what are the key elements you would like to learn, any personal struggles you find when completing your makeup and the look you would like to finish with.

What are one-to-one sessions?

The session can be as interactive as you would like some suggestions include either;

A tutorial with Victoria completing half the look on yourself but after each element, you will have the opportunity to complete the other side. Victoria will coach and guide you through it, sharing detail regarding the brush application, and technique used to apply the products. 

If you don't feel comfortable attempting the look yourself, Victoria can complete the whole look for you, whilst still sharing the elevated detail on how to replicate the look, with tips and tricks of the trade. 

We can also review your personal makeup bag, and share suggestions on how a few additional products or brushes can update your bag, and help you create a new look.

What can you learn in a one-to-one session?

  • Colour Theory - adding vibrancy to your eyes, by choosing colours that will work best with your natural colouring, and complementing this with colours that will add harmony to the makeup

  • How to improve the longevity of your makeup

  • Balancing, enhancing your lips

  • Making the most of your makeup bag

  • How to create the perfect day or night look

  • Information about your skin type and how best to prep it for makeup

  • Creating a flawless base that suits your skin type, skin texture and lifestyle

  • Balancing your brows and eye shape by adapting your shading techniques to suit and enhance your eyes


One on one sessions (1 person)

One on one sessions usually allow you to learn all the techniques above. It gives you a whole hour and a half of dedicated time to perfect your flawless new look.


Make up for groups (2-4 people)

These sessions are also available to groups, depending on the size of the group the format may need to be adapted. For example smaller groups i.e. two people, we can follow a format similar to the original one-to-one sessions, but creating a similar look for both parties, with minor alterations to suit different colourings. 

For larger groups, you can pre decide two - three main elements, for example; a perfect skin, simple smokey eye, and nude lip. 

In the group session, each client will have a step of the each element demonstrated on them, whilst the remaining group will replicate the step on themselves. The client who has had a demo will be rotated after ever step so that each client has had Victoria apply part of their makeup until all the elements have been covered. Each step will be described in detail so each group member can follow along and learn new application tips. 

ONe-to-one sessions are suitable for:

These sessions are ideal for people who would like to improve their own personal makeup skills to update their look or try out a new style, and learn something new.

The One-to-one sessions will take approximately 1 hour and 30 mins.


Where do the sessions take place?

  • At your home 
  • Victoria's place
  • Covering South Wales area

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